Our Vision & Mission

Enhancing Human Capital, Forging Strong Businesses

In FORGE Skills, we believe that enhancing your employee's Human Capital is the single most reliable way to forge a generation of strong, sustainable businesses. Right from conceptualisng of course subjects, to implementing learning methodologies, to finalising programmes, and to actual facilitation, your knowledge and skills requirements had never leave our hearts and mind. 


Trust us to take your businesses' Human Capital development to the next level! 

Our Courses

Our courses are NOT just a series of lectures.


We consider essential learning tools and implement them widely across all our courses to develop unique programmes that work. Some of our tools include Games, Role-playing, Group-think / Braining-storming, Round-table discussion, Problem-based learning, Case studies and analysis, Presentations, Computer Labs, Quizes as well as Technical Tours.

Trust us to take your Business the next level with these 5 value propositions.

F (FLOW)                      A term made famous by renowned psychologist, Mihály Csíkszentmihályi. It is a mental state where                                          a person involved in an activity becomes immersed fully, energetic and focused yet feeling a sense                                            of enjoyment. When developing our Courses, we apply our firm understanding of this                                                                  concept, allowing us to create Programmes that are truely inspiring and enriching.

O (ORIGINAL)              All our Courses are our House-brand and developed from our hardworking team who worked                                                      tirelessly to bring you the unique Programmes you will enjoy today. Applying Core Learning                                                        Concepts as well as speaking endlessly with our industry experts, we bring forth Original                                                            Programmes that you could only benefit from. 

R (REAL)                       In line with our corporate goal to forge strong businesses, we understand the importance to                                                        understand real-world problems and tackle them head-on addressing them in our Programmes. We                                            work to uncover them deep within all the industries, leaving no tiny gaps behind. The result are                                                  Programmes that not only enriches your knowledge, but also enhances your skills for your real-world                                          work needs.

G (GOAL)                      We can never enhance your human capital without first understanding your goal to attend our                                                    courses. We employ pre- and post- course analytics methods to examine deeper into every                                                        attendee's needs and wants in order to help them get there. 

E (EXPERIENCED)     As the sayings go, "Old is Gold". We engage Programme Facilitators with a strong and diverse                                                   background of work, giving them the hands-on experience that could benefit any professionals. We                                           employ a series of screening methods on all our Facilitators to ensure each and every one of them                                             meet our strict level of standards. 

Our Value Proposition
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