Programme Objective:

At the end of the Programme, participants will have an enhanced level of knowledge in corporate finance, and will be able to apply essential concepts to help them maximise shareholder value through both long and short term financial planning.


This Programme is designed to meet professionals' needs of these responsibilities:

  • Business Development Managers
  • Chief Financial officers
  • Credit Manager
  • Department Heads
  • Finance Directors
  • Financial Analysts
  • Financial Controllers
  • Presidents
  • Treasurers


Learning Methodologies:

The learning methodologies employed in this programme will allow participants to obtain fresh and different perspectives through peer learning and case studies. The various interactive activities such as team games and situational analysis will put the participants through a learning experience engaging their capabilities to the max to achieve in-depth enrichment.


Programme Agenda:

Day 1 – Understanding The Key Concepts To Champion Your Corporate Finance Policy

  • * Speed Networking
  • * Participant Layout of learning Expectations
  • The Operating Cycle and four sub-cycles
  • The Time Value of Money
  • Capital Cash Flow, Multiples, M&A considerations
  • Management Accounting
  • Corporate Valuation
  • Real Options
  • Liquidity and Maturity
  • Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Asset Management
  • Concept of Depreciation
  • Concept of Liabilities
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Debt Structure
  • * Peer Learning


Day 2 – Mastering The Essential Documents to Determine What They Tell

  • Financial Statements
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • Accounting Notes
  • Credit Ratings and Credit Scoring
  • * Team Games


Day 3 – To Invest, To Fund, Or To Not?

  • What Governs Investment Decisions?
  • What Concepts Are Available To Investing Decision?
  • How Can Financial Structure Play A Role In This?
  • How To Implement A Funding Policy
  • Managing Risk Is The Key To Achieving Returns?
  • Common Mistakes In Financing Decision
  • Overcoming Challenges To Investment Decision
  • Key Pointers In Order Not To Run Into Debt
  • * Situational Analysis


Day 4 – Case Studies, Activities and Conclusion

  • Case Studies
    • Lehman Brothers
    • Enron
    • Xerox-KPMG
  • * Mini Quiz
  • Recap on Learnings
  • Final Q&A

Corporate Finance Workshop

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