Programme Objective:

At the end of the Programme, participants will attain a firm understanding of having an innovative culture in their workplace, and will be able to apply essential concepts to help them develop their culture transformation plan that will see their forward-looking organisation gain the competitive edge over in this dynamic fast-paced society.


This Programme is designed to meet professionals' needs of these responsibilities:

  • Content Development Managers
  • Design Managers
  • Directors
  • General Managers
  • Heads
  • HR Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Product Development Managers
  • Talent Management Managers
  • Vice Presidents


Learning Methodologies:

The learning methodologies employed in this programme will allow participants to obtain fresh and different perspectives through peer sharing and in-depth case studies that are reflective of real life. The various activities such as situational analysis and presentations allows participants the chance to apply directly on-hand what they had learnt as their learning are facilitated by the expert facilitator on ground. This programme also include a short teaser session on an important softskill to hopefully enthuse keen participants to explore further learnings in the near future.


Programme Agenda:

Day 1 – Introduction to Innovative Culture in Corporate

  • * Speed Networking
  • * Participant Layout Of Learning Expectations
  • The Importance of Culture in Corporates
  • Identifying and Examining Common Cultures in the Corporate
  • Defining Innovative: Innovative Vs. Creativity
  • The Emerging Power in Innovation (or lackof)
  • Hygiene Factors to Innovative Culture
  • Common Challenges Faced in Building a Culture
  • * Case Study: Google & Facebook
  • * Peer Sharing


Day 2 – Grasping the Key Theories and Principles

  • Authority and Control
  • Organizational Structures
  • Team Management
  • Norms: How they come about and Identifying Bad ones to Phrase Out
  • Models of Innovation
  • Types of Innovation
  • Pros and Cons Analysis of Each Innovation
  • Innovation Management
  • * Group Situational Analysis: Determine a Possible Course of Action
  • * Individual Reflection: What and Why?


Day 3 – Conceptualising and Developing an Action Plan

  • Mapping your Present Culture
  • Identify the Areas in the Workplace
  • Determining the Type of Innovation
  • Identify the Weaknesses
  • Brainstorm and Deduce Ways to Make and/or Break Certain Cultures
  • Evaluation and Revision
  • Managing for Long Term Desired Outcome
  • Useful Templates
  • * Group Activity: Conceptualise and Develop an Action Plan
  • * Presentation


Day 4 – Application, Future Outlook and Conclusion

  • Steps to Incorporating the Plan
  • Overcoming Common Challenges
  • Innovation Building in the Industry 4.0 Age and Possible Directions moving towards 5.0
  • * Further Readings and Useful Materials
  • * Teaser Session: Incorporating Design Thinking
  • Recap on Learnings
  • Final Q&A

Building & Managing your Corporate Innovative Culture

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