Programme Objective:

At the end of the Programme, participants will have an enhanced level of knowledge and skills towards  negotiating in the corproate world, and will be able to apply essential concepts to help them negotiate professionally at all levels with the intention to achieve the outcome desired.


This Programme is designed to meet professionals' needs of these responsibilities:

  • Business Development Executives
  • Customer Service Managers
  • Partnership Managers
  • Procurement and Purchasing Managers
  • Sales Personnels
  • Supervisors and Department Heads
  • Secretary


Learning Methodologies:

The learning methodologies employed in this programme will allow participants to hone their negotiation skills across different cultures and backgrounds. The various interactive activities such as group brainstorm, situational analysis and games will put the participants through a learning experience engaging all their senses to achieve in-depth enrichment.


Programme Agenda:

Day 1 – Relooking The Essentials Of An Effective Negotiator

  • * Speed Networking
  • * Participant Layout of learning Expectations
  • Types Of Negotiations
  • Rational Model For Decision Making
  • Choosing The Most Appropriate Negotiation Strategy
  • Negotiation Style
  • Phases Of Negotiation
  • Common Challenges
  • Negotiation Do's And Don’ts
  • Best Alternative To A Negotiated Agreement (BATNA)
  • The Conceding Do’s And Don’ts
  • Concession Styles
  • * Reflection: Identifying Personal Style


Day 2 – The Strategic And Tactical Negotiator

  • Developing A Negotiation Master Plan
  • Personal Swot Analysis
  • Negotiation Rules
  • Preparing 'The Envelope Of Negotiation'
  • Mastering The 'Rule Of Halves'
  • Developing Own’s Negotiation Reflexes
  • The Wisdom Pillars Of Negotiation
  • Obtaining Your Source Of Power From Negotiation
  • Common Strategies And Tactics
  • Advanced Negotiation Tactics
  • * Situational Analysis: Identifying The Situation
  • * Situational Analysis: Identifying other’s negotiation style
  • * Group Brainstorm: Devise your Strategies and Tactics
  • * Peer Learning


Day 3 – Developing Personal Competencies

  • Developing Personal Eq
  • Profile Modelling
  • Situation Modelling
  • Behavioral Psychology
  • Quick Thinking And Decision Making
  • Art Of War
  • * Activity: Develop Your Master Plan
  • * Activity: Start Negotiating With Others


Day 4 – Application and Conclusion

  • Negotiation To Close Deals
  • Negotiation For Persuasion
  • Negotiation For Team Management
  • Negotiation For Conflict Management
  • * Mini Game: Win Your Negotiation!
  • Recap on Learnings
  • Final Q&A

Negotiation Excellence Bootcamp

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