Programme Objective:

At the end of the Programme, participants will have an enhanced level of knowledge and skills in managing the multi-facet operations of retail and consumer banking, and will be able to apply essential concepts to help them navigate the complexities faced in their daily scope of work which will include customer support, product development, marketing etc.


This Programme is designed to meet professionals' needs of these responsibilities:

  • Bankers
  • Branch Supervisors / Managers
  • Channel Management Officers
  • Customer Service / Support Officers
  • Customer Relation Officers
  • General Managers
  • Manager / Head / Director of Consumer Banking
  • Manager / Head / Director of Retail Banking
  • Operations Managers / Heads / Directors
  • Product Development Officers
  • Regional Managers / Heads / Directors


Learning Methodologies:

The learning methodologies employed in this programme will thoroughly put the participants through a series of experential activities including but not limited to situational analysis, brainstorming and round table discussion which will imbue deep sense learning. The various methodologies also aim to challenge them into approaching the topics at hand even further as they engage various perspectives etc.


Programme Agenda:

Day 1 – Recap Of Retail And Consumer Banking. What We Know So Far.

  • * Speed Networking
  • * Participant Layout Of Learning Expectations
  • The Boom Of The Retail And Consumer Banking Industry
  • Historical Timeline Of Key Events
  • Contemporary Trends Facing The Retail And Consumer Banking Industry
  • Common Challenges For The Banker
  • The National Banking Act And What To Look Out For
  • Concept Of Multi-Channel And Omni-Channel
  • Types Of Products In The Market
  • * Case Studies


Day 2 – The Operations Of Retail And Consumer Banking. Getting Them All Together

  • Channels For Revenue Generation
  • Summary Of Products Available
  • Understanding The Customers Through Analytics
  • Consumer Experience Delivery And Measurement. Crm
  • Product Development And Innovation - Importance Of Differentiation
  • Lending & Mortgages
  • Payment Systems & Services
  • Credit & Debit Cards
  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • * Group Brainstorm: List All The Contemporary Challenges In Operations And Determine How They Will Change In 5 Years Time.
  • * Situational Analysis: Matching Consumer Needs And Wants With Products 


Day 3 – Tackling The Challenges Associated With Retail And Consumer Banking

  • Marketing The Products
  • Brand Management
  • Product Sales Management
  • People Management And Talent Recruitment
  • Customer Service – Measuring And Utilising For Maximum Impact
  • Distribution – Branch And Branchless
  • Usage Of Technologies And Adapting To The Digital World – Mobile And Remote Banking?
  • Investment For Revenue Generation
  • Potential Areas For Cost Cutting
  • Margin Management
  • Competitive Advantage Strategies
  • Building Innovation Culture And Managing Change
  • Branch Design Top Tips And Ideas
  • * Round Table Discussion – Technology Usage In Your Work, Cost Cutting Measures You Had Done, Strategies You Had Improvised To Gain Competitive Advantage, Dealing With A Most Difficult Customer Etc.
  • * Class Discussion


Day 4 – Future Outlook, Application And Conclusion

  • The Evolving Banker: Skills And Knowledge
  • The Retail and Consumer Banking Industry in the Next Decade
  • * Group Activity – Discuss And Develop A Contemporary Product That Will Be In Demand
  • * Presentation
  • Recap On Learnings
  • Final Q&A

Retail & Consumer Banking Excellence

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