1)    Allow you to stay to date with the current and most importantly, keep up with the latest.

2)    Thoroughly researched and executed to cover the most pressing issues and challenges facing daily workplaces                          providing you with inspirations and solutions to tackle them.


3)    Chance to meet fellow professionals and hear their sharing for enhanced learning.


4)    Allows you to clock necessary training hours to meet professional requirements while your organisation achieves the                 same with local workforce regulatory.

5)    It will be the 'IN' thing to attend our classes in time to come.

6)    Meaningful way to spend time outside of work as the events are enriching yet interactive and innovative, where YOU can           derive alot of fun and memories.

7)    Corporate Branding! Your participation at our leading industry Courses means your organisation gets to be seen among             other established organisations in the field, rendering visibility to corporate branding.

8)    We recognise your participation by presenting you our signed Certificate of Participation specially issued by FORGE                   GROUP. 

9)    We engage only the experts in order to groom future experts.

10)  We engage industry experts to drive attendees with the extensive years of hands-on experience knowledge, not just                   academics.

11)  We are the perfect endorser to any organisation with a strategic business objective as a Workplace with strong learning             culture.

11 Reasons to Attend
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